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Child Line
CHILDLINE is India’s first 24-hour, toll-free, emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection, linking them to.....
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Meerut childline
CHILDLINE is India’s first 24-hour, toll-free, emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection, linking them to long-term services for their care and rehabilitation. Any child and concerned adult can call 1098 and access the CHILDLINE service anytime of the day or night.
In August 2007 Meerut became the 73rd city to launch the service, with Janhit Foundation responsible for its implementation. Upon dialling 1098, the child or adult calling
Meerut childline
on their behalf, gains access to various services. We operate a child-based approach in which children themselves are active and leading participants in their own development.
Our Children
Street children Child Labourers
Abused Children Victims of the Flesh Trade
Physically disadvantaged children Child addicts
Children in trouble with the law Institutionalized children
Mentally ill children Children affected by HIV/AIDS
Children affected by conflicts/disasters Political refugees
Childline Activities
Open House
An open house is organized every month by Meerut CHILDLINE to spread awareness about the toll-free service and involve the local communities to come forward and take initiatives to secure the rights of the deprived children. The open house has been organized by the service at various locations in the city including the railway stations and the bus stands etc. The general activities conducted in an open house include singing songs, skits explaining the service, playing the 1098 theme song etc, all done by the street children.
A canopy is put up at various places, again, to spread awareness about the service. The team members display pamphlets, brochures, posters etc. for the purpose of dissemination. They also talk to the slum children who visit the canopy and guide them about the usage of the service. The canopy is set up at regular intervals at places which attract a lot of public like the city railway station, medical college etc. Health Checkups: Health checkups are also organized by the team on regular intervals to keep track of the health status of the children staying in the slum. The doctors visiting the slum Canopy
slum conduct free health checkups for the children. Timely vaccinations for polio, tuberculosis etc. are also provided to the children. The children are also encouraged to maintain proper sanitation and cleanliness.
Vocational trainings
An extra effort has been made by the Meerut CHILDLINE team to conduct vocational trainings for the slum children in order to generate prospects for them to earn a living. The team has initiated sewing classes wherein eight girls belonging to marginalized communities are being trained free of cost. Computer classes are also being conducted wherein six girls are being acquainted with knowledge related to information technology. Driving classes have also been initiated for the boys hailing from the nearby slums so that by the time they acquire the age of 18 years, they are already self dependent Vocational Trainings
capable of earning a livelihood. The team members, responsible for managing the Gyanashram, also teach varied skills to the children like candle making, card making, artificial flower making, décor items from waste materials etc.
The CHILDLINE team conducts outreach throughout the city and creates awareness about the toll-free service. Special emphasis is laid on contacting all the phone booth owners and informing them about the service, so that they contribute in the success of the service by disseminating the information further and allow the children in need to use the service without charging anything from them.
Rescue of Child Labourers
Meerut CHILDLINE along with the Police Department of Meerut, rescued 80 children working as labourers under its campaign named as 'Operation Masoom' which was carried out on April 19, 2010.

The children rescued were mostly between 7-14 yrs of age. These children were provided temporary shelter at Bal Sadan (Child Shelter Home) and meanwhile, their address were traced and guardians were contacted. Counseling was provided to all children rescued, in addition to their parents/guardians and the employers from where these children were rescued.
Handcuffing Children: Child Rights Violation Case in Meerut
Four children were arrested from Ghaziabad district and charged with stealing. They were severely beaten, handcuffed and were being produced in the Meerut Court, bleeding badly. We approached the court for justice and the policemen responsible for this inhuman and illegal act were suspended once the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was accepted by the Honorable Supreme Court of India. The PIL is still with the Apex Court.
CHILDLINE welcomes contributions in kind…
Clothes, slippers and shoes for children (for both girls and boys) between the age 3-18 years
Toys and books (preferably in Hindi language)
Furniture (chairs, filing cabinets, tables for the CHILDLINE centre)
Bandages, antiseptic creams, vitamins, cough medicines, dettol, pain killers, and other first aid medication
Wheel chairs, crutches, aids and appliances for physically differently abled children